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10 Tips To Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Convert

Facebook is easily one of the highest platforms for driving conversions, making it an essential tool for success within any business. Going forward Facebook should be an integral part of your social media strategy, if it isn’t already. Later on we’ll share our 10 tips on how to optimise your Facebook Ads.

We all know that Facebook is forever changing its algorithm - making it harder for businesses to gain traction through organic growth on the platform. Small budget marketing teams have been seeing this decline for a few years now, not meaning that organic posts become completely unimportant but if we’re talking about conversion rates, (which I would argue are the most important metrics to measure), then rethinking your paid Facebook strategy is essential.

Conversion isn’t always about driving sales, but it’s about provoking some kind of action from the browser, that in the long run aims to convert them from a browser to a buyer - and for that Facebook ranks number one out of all social media sites.

So now do you see why, more than ever it’s important that you really nail down a successful Facebook ad.

Here are just two examples of Facebook Ads we've run for clients that have converted really well:

Here’s what our head of operations Joe Hides does to improve our Facebook Ad conversion rates:

1. Focus on the offer -

What problem are you actually hoping to solve with your Facebook Ad? Once you know the answer to this, it’s much easier to design an ad that accurately communicates that

2. Work on your copy -

Copy is more compelling than imagery. Yes you need to get your viewer to read it, but don’t let them feel like they’ve wasted their time - work on making it precise and to the point and remember absolutely NO spelling mistakes

3. Gather as much data as possible -

Data is now more valuable than currency and Facebook will do an incredible job at sorting through it, so take time to read it and most importantly make sure you fully understand what that data means for your ad specifically

4. Trust Facebook to deliver -

Facebook is WAY smarter than us so don’t try to out optimise it with microscopic setting changes

5. Don’t kill ads too quickly -

Just because you didn’t achieve 10X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first day, there’s no need to panic... sometimes it takes a few days for your ad to turn a browser into a buyer

6. Don’t stop testing -  

Just because you have some winning adverts now, doesn’t mean they will stay profitable forever. You might think that you have the most successful ads already set up, but with Facebook audiences being so broad, there's always room for improvement

7. Start optimising for value -

In both your ad set optimisation and lookalike audience (LAA’s) make sure you switch to the ‘value based’ setting in ads manager, so Facebook can start to target those higher value potential customers first

8. Don’t break ad policies -

Make sure before you launch any campaign that you are well within the ad policy guidelines. If you do break any of these policies you run the risk of getting an IP ban on your account which could potentially cripple your agency in days

9. Native placements are key -

You’re potentially missing out on LOTS of lost revenue due to your advert not looking good/professional across all the placements. A bit of time editing your creatives for each placement can go a long way

10. Utilise Dynamic Product Ads (DPA’s) -

You may already be using them in which case great! However don’t forget to split your DPA campaigns towards people that performed a certain action on your site. Another thing to keep in mind, Add To Cart DPA’s should not look the same as View Content DPA’s, because these sets of audiences are at different stages of the buyer's journey

As I said before, running good Facebook Ads (emphasis on good) can be so useful for your business, so don’t be scared to add them to your marketing strategy and hopefully with these handful of tips, you’ll be on your way with creating Facebook Ads, that are optimised for conversions.

If you’re hoping to turn these skills into a career, then think about enrolling in the Affluent Academy course where we dive deeper into how to run a social media marketing agency  or schedule a call with our senior consultant now

Happy Facebook advertising!

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