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A Look Back On 2020

As we come to an end of the craziness that was 2020 and 2021 fast approaching, we wanted to reflect on how this year has been for 

This December celebrated its first year of business since re-launching the brand as we know it today, and what a year it's been! 

We caught up with our Managing Director, Jordan Platten, who shared with us some of our biggest achievements, the key 2020 highlights, and the exciting things to come in 2021, including an introduction to our sister company, LearnAds.

Q: What would you say were the biggest achievements for the team this year?

This year has been amazing in so many ways for, we’ve achieved things that I could never have predicted, and I was pretty confident going into this year anyway.

So to name a few standout achievements for me, I would say the internal team growth has been a huge one, we’ve gone from a team of one to a team of six which is amazing. The Affluent Academy has welcomed over 1000 new members since this time last year, the Affluent Agency has effectively serviced 20 new businesses that add to our existing clients and we’ve just reached over 2 million dollars in new revenue for the companies we work with which is over double where we were in 2019, not to mention hitting a team record of 64x ROI for one of our e-commerce clients. 

Q: What do you believe have been the main drivers of this success?

This year I have spent a lot of time understanding the field that I’m in and the business model I’ve created. Off the back of this new knowledge, I’ve invested time into building a fantastic new inbound sales system, including the Affluent Agency case study funnel which has allowed us to really build deserving credibility for the brand. This year, the whole team and I have fully embraced our obsession for the one metric that really matters, Return. On. Invest. We’ve simplified our processes and no longer care for vanity metrics and instead focus all of our efforts on making businesses money. 

I wouldn’t be able to talk on the topic of success, without mentioning the team that enables it, so this year I wanted to put emphasis on nurturing and developing our in-house team, as opposed to outsourcing. In return, our services have become even more personalised, which I think in the competitive industry of marketing agencies, is key to stay above the rest.

Q: What does 2021 look like for and what are you most looking forward to?

Where do I start? This year as I said, was centered around building solid systems and developing a flawless sales funnel, whilst building and developing an in-house team to seamlessly support it. But this year the focus is on expansion. Our Head of Operations, Joe Hides, and I will continue to augment the Affluent Agency by compulsively working for revenue-driven results. One of our goals is to make 10 million in new revenue for the businesses we work with by the end of 2021. I’m also really looking forward to hosting the next Affluent Awards evening (when Boris allows it of course... ) so that we can celebrate the amazing achievements of our Affluent Academy students.

Although this year has been unpredictable in many ways, one thing I can say with complete certainty is that 2020 has been transformational for the world of digital marketing. We are now in a time where, more so than ever, businesses need to pay attention to their digital marketing to keep up with the competition, by putting paid social media advertising at the core of their marketing efforts. You could put this down to several factors; the change in buyer habits, the 33% increase in online purchasing, the shift in psychology towards spending, but the facts still remain… for businesses to keep up, your marketing strategies need to keep up too and the absolute number one way of doing this, is paid social media advertising. That’s why Joe and I have spent the last year developing a solution for business owners that want to start running paid ads but simply don’t know where to begin. On January 4th we’re launching LearnAds, a free online course with the sole focus to teach business owners how to sell their products and services through paid advertising, starting with our course on Facebook Ads.

The whole team is so excited to begin transforming digital advertising from something incredibly intimidating to something incredibly simple. We are officially handing over the key to the results we’ve achieved as a digital marketing agency, into the hands of everyday business owners. We go through everything from the very basics to the exact Facebook Ad strategies we use in the Affluent Agency. Oh and did I mention it’s completely free - sign up for pre-registration access here -

We’re looking forward to seeing where 2021 takes us, and as a company we have some great goals we’re excited tackle, but our overarching goal remains the same - “We strive for a world where all aspiring entrepreneurs find success”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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