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An Interview With An Affluent Academy Student

Hi Adam, please tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Hi I’m Adam Power and I am the Managing Director of PwrdMedia an advertising agency specialising in Facebook, Instagram, and Google with a sole focus on consistent returns we go above and beyond to create an overall bespoke strategy for each client. Before launching my business I was going back and forth with every factory & building site job I could find, I was completely lost in life until I committed to investing in my own career and it really paid off. In just 5 months of developing my skills through online courses, I was making a full-time income. Now 2 years into running my company my team consists of a 4 person Facebook team including myself, 2 man google team, Creative Manager & Client Manager Rebekah. I’m really proud of the results we achieve and just recently had a record 80x Return On Ad Spend for a client with a 1k ad budget in December. Currently, the niche that we work with is 80% e-commerce but we are killing it for our lead generation clients now too, in November we did 186k worth of business for an online education client from 1500 spent.

Describe your process of starting the Affluent Academy Course?

So I decided to invest in the Affluent Academy course when my agency had been up and running for around 12 months, I did this because although I was making money I knew that if I wanted to really take it to the next level I needed to have way more knowledge on a professional on boarding process, consistent systems for signing more clients and guaranteeing results. The course took me around 5 weeks to complete and it was exactly what I needed to catapult my businesses into a different league.

When did you first decide you wanted to have your own marketing agency?

In 2018 I was actually fired from my job, and because of this, I had time to really work out what I was interested in. After spending hours scrolling Youtube I started coming across videos about marketing, before this, I had never had a passion for marketing but knew I had a huge fascination with growth and helping businesses make money. Once I had a clear understanding of what drove me, I began developing my practical skills around it and took the leap.

What were your key highlights of the Affluent Academy?

The Affluent Academy is made up of very easy to understand, verbally delivered step by step videos, and includes complete documents and processes that you can replicate. I actually use a lot of them still today, even though my agency is well and truly off the ground. The style of the course is great because it’s designed for complete beginners right through to advanced business owners. The content is certainly up to date and really valuable and has allowed me to meet other members of the academy that I talk to daily which has been invaluable. I’ve also found that following the successes of Jordan has been really motivating and helped me stay  committed daily, so overall it’s been a really transformational experience.

What has been your biggest success in business so far?

I’m really pleased with how far PwrdMedia has come, we have now worked with 50+ clients now and 19 clients are on the books, it’s amazing! In the past, I struggled to get consistent results, maybe due to a lack of knowledge or little repetition, but now I can safely say that every single client we work with is blown away by what we achieve, we have some clients we have generated 80%+ of their revenue in 12 months, so it’s been great to see that we are really contributing to our client’s success. But honestly, building a full-service team has been my biggest achievement, I couldn’t be any happier with who’s on my team and together we work daily to grow and maintain the success we have.

What is your ultimate goal?

I have so much in the pipeline that I’m excited about, including buying into e-commerce brands but mainly to become a leading ad agency and start building our global brands portfolio, keep striving for more growth, and continue to help thousands of people along the way. The ultimate financial goal is to make 1 million in revenue this year and the longer-term goal is to generate 10 million in annual income, aiming big is key!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Adam and good luck with everything at PwrdMedia

For more information on what the Affluent Academy course can teach you check out the lesson plan here.

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