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An Interview With An Affluent Academy Student

Hi Loukas, please tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Hey, my name is Loukas and I am director of Hambi Media. We are a social media, content and design hybrid agency with a mission to build communities online. 

Growing up, I always had entrepreneurial tendencies. I remember taking toys from the house and setting up a stool on the road to sell them to passing people. At a young age I would take seashells on the beach, paint them and sell them back to those who had previously walked on top of them. Fast forward a few years and I began realising I was quite creative. After making movies with friends for several years, I decided I wanted to go to film school to become a director. Soon into the course, it became obvious that I was far more excited by the proposition of merging my entrepreneurial tendencies with that of my creative abilities. 

After graduating with a first class, I moved into the world of marketing and sales landing a role at Dennis Publishing as an advertising sales executive. This job was absolutely essential for developing the building blocks of running my own business. Delving into the world of marketing and learning what made a good salesperson was invaluable. I absolutely loved my time at Dennis, but still didn’t feel completely fulfilled. I knew I wanted to live life on my own terms and start a business, but at the time I thought that required coming up with the next Uber or Facebook. Cue the first time I stumbled across an inspiring Jordan Platten on Youtube….

After engrossing myself in Jordan’s content, I made the plunge and decided to onboard on his course, the Affluent Academy. It was absolutely fantastic. I was amazed by the level of intricate detail the course went into in regards to social media marketing and building a successful business. A month later I had handed my notice in, ready to dive head first and never look back. 

I knew going into my agency that it had to be different. There were many social media marketing, digital marketing and content agencies out there, so it was important t it was imo turn the model on its head as much as I could. I wanted to use my unfair advantages to help me leverage work with potential clients. What were my unfair advantages? I had been to film school and had a lot of knowledge about using cameras and creating content, so I  implemented this into what I was doing. Secondly, at Dennis I had worked very closely as part of the automotive division in advertising and sales. As a result I had built up a large amount of knowledge in this market. Why not niche into automotive and use this important experience to my advantage? After all, why would client A go with a general social media marketing agency over one who had a level of expertise within this field? I would hugely recommend anyone looking to start a b2b service delivery agency to really think hard about what you can offer that your competitors can’t.

Hambi Media has since split down the middle, 50% automotive and 50% other clients. Our services consist of design, social media management, paid ads, content creation, content strategy, photography and content writing. Our team consists of myself, Hector who is our head of growth, Molly who is our designer and social media manager and finally Fred who is our Content Director. We also have part time contractors that we consistently work with. 

We’ve developed Hambi Media into a social media and content marketing hybrid. Content marketing is a strategy focusing on the creation of valuable experience. It’s the process for distributing compelling content to acquire attention, engage a meaningful audience and of course build a brand. I think Hambi Media are unique as we really lead with original, high quality and brand based content. Building legacy and community online through meaningful content is our motto and I don’t think enough brands think in this mindset. It’s often overlooked because it isn’t associated with direct ROI, but alongside an effective targeted ads strategy is genuinely THE winning formula. You can’t build a meaningful, long lasting brand without meaningful content, fact. Because of this, I think the emergence of ‘content marketing agencies’ is going to soon blow in a similar way to social media marketing agencies. 

Describe your process of starting the Affluent Academy Course?

I joined the day it launched. The level of value teased prior to its launch was enough to know I could not miss out on this. There was hype prior to the Affluent Academy launch and it greatly met these expectations. There is so much rubbish out there in the world of online courses, so it’s extremely refreshing to complete a course that blows your mind with the levels of value it offers. There genuinely isn’t a more comprehensive course out there and is a complete steal for the price it is sold for. This course changed the trajectory of my life and if you are on the fence, I hope I can be an example for what it can do. Not only does it give you the tools and secrets required to succeed in this noisy agency landscape, but also the drive and motivation to win in life. Those looking to spend £20k plus on a 3 year university marketing course, genuinely reconsider. For a 20th of the price at $1,497, you will learn way more in a fraction of the time. 

When did you first decide you wanted to own your own marketing agency?

After engrossing myself in Jordans content and course. I loved the idea of helping brands grow online and being able to be a part of a number of different businesses. Not only can anyone do it with the tools Jordan provides, but just think of the value in becoming a better entrepreneur yourself, after working with a diverse range of companies. Going back to what I mentioned previously, I realised I wanted to be my own boss from a very young age. Little entrepreneurial hints like selling lemonade, shells and old toys and the buzz it gave me was the real notifier. To be honest, until after university I had never shown a direct interest in marketing. Well… I thought I hadn’t, but subconsciously I had. I was always good at ‘marketing myself’, whether that be in a job interview or pitching a film idea. Also, my dissertation was based around advertising psychology! I was subconsciously marketing prior to Jordan’s course, but it was the Affluent Academy that brought that passion to the surface. 

What have been your key highlights of being part of the Affluent Academy?

I absolutely love how Jordan goes into every intricate detail of not only owning and succeeding as a modern day digital marketer, but also a successful business owner. I found previous courses would teach you some skills, but not the skills or mindset needed to be able to win in business. His presenting style is clear and precise and the content was really digestible. A favourite for me was the step by step deep dive strategies into every niche you could want to market in. Course gurus love giving you generic marketing advice, but never specific or tangible insights into how to use this, which is what makes different. The online marketing landscape is constantly changing, so it was refreshing to see how up to date everything in the course was. I use Jordans exact ecommerce strategies to this day with all of my clients, not to mention all of the amazing resources he provides such as written contracts and scripts.

What has been your personal biggest success in business so far?

For me, one of my biggest successes was my first £10k month. This was always the milestone I wanted to hit from starting my agency and was such a turning point for Hambi Media. Not only this, but it was even sweeter as 6 months prior, I had lost 80% of my business during the pandemic. Be patient in business, don’t think it’s going to be a smooth road. There will be massive bursts of momentum, and then suddenly the rollercoaster slows down and starts falling backwards. Keep pushing and realise everyone has many failures in the build up to success. I look at it like sport, there’s not a team that hasn’t ever lost. Everyone loses. It’s just about how you act on those losses, get back up and use it to your advantage. 

Another proud moment for me was filming the launch film with Jordan. It was an honour to come to Jordan with an idea and for him to want to run with it. It was the first time we worked together and collaborated really well on the project. It came out better than anyone had hoped. I will never forget the voice note Jordan sent me after I sent him the first draft of Affluent. The only way I could describe his reaction was ‘gassed’ haha. It made me very proud.

What is the ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal for Hambi Media is to be the most recognisable content marketing agency in the UK. Hambi Media will have the biggest value based content community online and feel if we keep pushing our socials as we do, this will happen. We will revolutionise the way agencies create content online for themselves and their brand. I want every Hambi Media employee to have their own online presence within the brand and for people to look up to our culture and want to be a part of it. I want that culture to be injected into our social channels and for us to document everything we do in-house, almost like an agency reality tv show. I genuinely think the plans we have for creating content for our own agency online will inspire other agencies to follow suit. We will not only offer heaps of value, but tons of entertainment. I don’t want to just be seen as motivational, but actually offer content that people find hilarious. We are starting to do this on our new Tiktok page.

What Affluent is for social media marketing, I want Hambi Media to be for content marketing. I want to hit 50 employees in the next 5 years and 100 by the time I am 35. What is my goal income? I don’t have one. I want to be comfortable, I want to be happy and continue to enjoy everything I do. I want to continue to develop my skills in marketing and then create a B to C brand to put through the Hambi Media funnel.

I am excited for the next 12 months as our team continues to grow. I am putting a huge emphasis on every team member developing their own in-house content series and identity within the company. I would never want it to be ‘the Loukas show’. Everyone in the team has different skills and can offer value to the community in different ways. As I said, we’ve only just started pushing Tiktok and our aim is to be the biggest agency Tiktok page online. We plan on continuing to develop the Hambi Media instagram page and hitting our next milestone of 40,000 followers by the end of the year. Excited for the future and to continue helping brands and agencies improve their content.

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