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Apple iOS 14 Changes Coming

With around 64% of the population using an apple product and a huge surge in digital advertisers, I’m sure most of you have come across the relatively annoying ‘Software Update Needed’ notification, well Apple is taking this to a whole new level, and all digital advertisers need to listen up.

You may or may not have heard about the announcement from Apple about the proposed changes with their latest iOS 14.4 software update, changes that will make a difference to the way we, as marketers, report and analyse our data within Facebook’s Business Manager.

If you weren’t aware of this before now, not to worry, these changes aren’t something to panic about but they will change the way we work, so it’s crucial that you stay in the know.

Here is a summary of what we’re expecting in the coming weeks

Apple will now require all apps in the App Store to introduce a prompt on the user’s screen upon opening the app, this will give users the option to opt-in or opt-out of allowing the app to track usage, data, and information. Facebook has already confirmed that they will be introducing a ‘pre-prompt, prompt’ giving context to the tracking capabilities before users make their decision.

How do we anticipate these changes will affect marketers and the way we run our digital ads?

  • Partial reporting
  • Fewer sales attributed to Facebook Ads
  • Slight reduction in customer audience size

What exactly will this mean?

These data restrictions will ultimately mean a partial view of Facebook ad performance. Currently, Facebook attributes a sale to your ad if that person purchases within 28 days of viewing it, so this figure is likely to drop. Now Facebook will only attribute a sale to an advert if a purchase is made within 7 days of clicking on it. Therefore, if your customer purchases on the 11th day of seeing your ad, this will not show up as a sale in Facebook Ads Manager, so although this changes your reporting metrics the sale will of course still show in your backend.

Our thoughts on these changes

The key thing to note is that these changes will not affect the sales of your business in any significant way, and although these changes might sound daunting, these sorts of pop-up messages are not uncommon. Every day we are exposed to similar messages and we almost always mindlessly click ‘accept’ - ever seen ‘Share Location’ or ‘Allow Cookies’ and just clicked ‘accept’ well we believe this will be no different.

For an in-depth explanation of what this all means and how you can prepare, watch the video below, where Tom Kieran our Accounts Manager here at the Affluent Agency explains in detail everything you need to know.

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