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Clients Need Qualifications Too

Whether you’ve just started a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), you’re a few years in or you’ve owned your agency for decades you’ve probably found that some potential customers turn out to be, how do I put this, a huge waste of time. You might think that sounds harsh, what I mean by that is some companies you come across in the outreaching process, will just not be suitable for the service you’re providing and hence pointless even initiating a conversation with.

When building any business it’s paramount that your time is being spent in the correct areas, and not just for growth purposes but to ensure that you don’t burn out. At the beginning stages of starting an SMMA, a large portion of your working day is spent trying to find clients to work with. So I’m here today to give you a few of the crucial ‘qualifying’ questions, so you separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. So let’s identify the DNA of the perfect client.

Firstly we start with proof of concept. As a general rule of thumb I don’t recommend targeting startups for social media marketing services, for the simple fact that they can be risky, especially in the first three years. But a great way to eliminate some of that risk is by establishing whether or not the company has customers and more importantly customers that love the product (or service), and this doesn’t just apply to startups.

An easy and time effective way of doing this is to simply look at their reviews. Do they have many of them and what is the overall impression? This way you can start to understand if the company is one making sales, two has the budget to invest in marketing and three work out if you would be representing a company that people enjoy.

Next up, check for demand. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering strategy services, content creation or Facebook advertising, it’s important to do your research and figure out if your potential prospect even needs your help. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to believe you could always do a better job, but if you’re contacting potentially over twenty new businesses per day, I wouldn’t waste your time trying to pitch social media management to a company that already has two hundred thousand followers, an 80% engagement rate and posts quality content every single day, because let’s be honest, that’s going to be a pretty hard sell.

To establish whether a company needs your service, take ten to twenty minutes doing a bit of research into how well they are already doing it. Start by checking out their socials or whatever aspect you would be assisting with, and make a few notes. If you’re a specialist in your field then it shouldn't be difficult to figure this out, and I promise you it’s worth it.

These are just a few quick things to check to avoid time wasting, check out Module 3, Lesson 3 called DNA Of The Perfect Client of the Affluent Academy course for a more detailed verbal explanation.

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