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Creativity Is Rocket Ship Fuel For Sales

I want you to imagine something that will really help you understand this concept…

Imagine you’re sitting at home, and all of a sudden you hear the doorbell ring.

Now depending on what country you live in, you may grab your gun, jump out of your skin, or feel your blood drop.

Who even comes to your door anymore besides Amazon?

You open the door and there’s a guy in a white t-shirt and jeans holding a cookie. 

You look him dead in the eyes as he asks if you’d like to buy a cookie.

Unless you had some insatiable craving for cookies, you’d more than likely say no thanks and close the door.

Now let’s imagine a different scenario...

You open the door and there’s a tall slender man in a 3 piece suit wearing a top hat and a spectacle.

He’s got a super curly moustache and he’s holding a massive box.

Before you can even ask who this guy is, he pulls out a unicycle from his box and starts juggling boxes of cookies singing a song to you about all of the different flavors he has.

As you watch in amazement, he back flips off the unicycle and proceeds to bust out one of the meanest breakdancing routines you’ve ever seen.

After relentless spinning he comes to a stop, looks you in the eyes, and asks if you’d like to buy a cookie.

Chances are, you’d be way more likely to buy from curly moustache guy than plain old white t-shirt joe!

Why is this? Because curly moustache guy is a pattern interrupter!

He probably made you laugh and ooh and ahh so he’s piqued your interest!

As ridiculous of a metaphor that this is, it really helps me drive home this point that will help you get way more clients as a digital marketer.

The people you want to sell your services to your prospects, are like you sitting at home in this previous example.

They have 50-100 plain white t-shirt joes hit them up every month trying to sell them services ranging from Facebook Ads to Web Design to Google AdWords, Etc.

And these people aren’t really sitting at home, they’re working on their businesses and are very time constricted.

So how do you stand out and get their attention?

Well, how does a male peacock get laid?

It shows it’s feathers! It stunts on all of the peacock mates!

When you’re outreaching to these prospects, I highly encourage you, think outside the box.

Regardless of how you’re getting in contact with these people, whether it be through social media or email, try to do it with a 50/50 split.

50% creativity, 50% results (testimonials, case studies, statistics, etc.) 

Obviously this is harder to do with cold calling, but you can’t really cold call every type of business, good luck getting the decision makers phone number for an e-commerce store.

So if you’re trying to sell prospects on working with you, think about some creative ways to pitch your services to them.

Let’s say you’re trying to work with pet food companies.

Why not send them a picture of your dog holding up a notepad saying something like “My owner is great at Facebook Ads, P.S. I did not do this to get free food from you guys.” 

Or maybe you take that picture of baby Yoda, and use Canva to put a picture of their dog food in between his tiny little green hands and say something like “Work with me you should” 

You’d be amazed what ideas you can come up with if you come from the perspective of, “I need to stand out, I need to them laugh, and ooh and ahh”

Don‘t be plain white t-shirt joe.

Be the 1950’s curly moustache break dance unicycler.

Guarantee you more people will want to work with you for the sole fact that you seem more enjoyable to work with.

(Obviously having results that can back you up always helps too!)

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