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Effective Tips For Marketing Your Freelance Business

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely that you either want to quit your 9-5 and start on your own or you’re already in the field but you’re hoping to try new effective strategies for sourcing new leads to grow your freelancing business. Whichever stage applies to you, you’re in luck because you’ve found the right place.

Whilst the virus quickly charged its way through the global economy one element of the workforce managed to flourish - freelancing. As working from home culture became the new norm and unemployment rose, freelancers quickly filled the gaps that the virus left. Upwork reported that from 2019 freelancing increased by 22%. As businesses scrambled to cut costs where they could, freelancers became a fantastic alternative to full-time employees. Pair all of this with the shift in attitude towards the imbalanced work-life culture that many of us experience. It's no wonder that the appeal to work for yourself has shone through.

Now for this path to work for you, it’s important that you are marketing yourself effectively so that you can establish yourself in the market. To grow your business you have to look at yourself as a product, a product that needs endorsement, social proof and a network of willing customers. So if you’re having trouble figuring any of this out then let us help.

While it may seem like a chore, no one will know you exist if you don’t put in the effort to market yourself. Whatever service you provide, use these marketing strategies to elevate your freelance business.

Have A Home On The Web

Think of a website as a physical shop window, as a place for the world to have a look at what you have to offer. A website is the first place that your potential customers will go, so make sure it includes the services that you offer, contact information, your professional background and your portfolio (it doesn’t matter how small). Having a website doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money at all; you can create your own website using platforms like Squarespace or Wix. We cover exactly how to create your website and how to buy a domain name in the Affluent Academy.

Social Media

Social media is used by people for an average of 2.5 hours a day. It's easy to understand why this strategy made the list. It’s important to first understand which platforms your ideal customers are using because it can be easy to get inundated with posting regularly if you’re using several different socials so do your research first and focus your attention on where your audience is hanging out. Social media is a great tool for freelancers for a multitude of reasons, finding your brand voice, offering free value, building relationships, promoting your skills and demonstrating positive client results. Here’s Jordan’s video on how to use LinkedIn to find clients to get you started!

Ask For Referrals And Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the more time-honoured and trustworthy ways to land freelance work. So don’t feel afraid to ask current and past clients for reviews and referrals from your services once you’ve proven your quality of work. If you've maintained a good relationship with them then from our experience they will always be happy to do so. We’ve found that creating a simple ‘Review Questionnaire’ works well because it makes the process much more simple for them. If you’ve given them a good service your clients will be happy to advocate for you.

Freelance Work Sites

There are now plenty of sites that are specifically catered to freelancers and they’re a great way to start understanding the best practices in your industry and to directly communicate with potential customers. A few sites that we recommend are Upwork and Fiverr, do some research on the top freelancers in your space and optimise your profile accordingly.

Cold Contact Potential Clients

At the end of the day, until you have established yourself and your business you will need to actively outreach clients to build your business, you won’t be able to sit back and expect them to all fall in your lap even with the strategies we’ve mentioned so far. Cold outreach isn’t limited to a single platform, it can be done anywhere at any time. so pick your selection of mediums. Our top three are social media, emails and cold calling. The Affluent Academy course provides free templates and scripts for you to download.

These were the helpful tips that helped us on our journey from freelancers to an award-winning agency that’s worked with over 110 clients and generated over 20 million dollars in revenue for the businesses we’ve worked with. We earnestly hope they help you to do the same so work on these tips, stay consistent and keep improving your skills and you’ll start to see massive results.

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