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End Of Q1 Update

The beginning of 2021 for many of us hasn’t started how we may have all anticipated, but with it now being April, spring is here, the days are lighter and we are coming to the end of the third and final lockdown here in the UK. We are now at the end of Q1 and wanted to check in with you all to tell you how the last three months have been going for us at

It has been a full-on start to the year, to say the least! And although things in the world have been different, we haven’t let that slow us down. We’ve started this year with a bang. Now let’s get into some of our highlights from the past three months.

Huge Affluent Agency Growth

The start of 2021 has seen the onboarding of sixteen new amazing clients at the Affluent Agency, from the plant-based skincare brand Sanara Skincare to the Commercial Loan Brokerage business, Creative Cap Solutions. All of our new clients approached us to assist them in achieving their own business goals, through Digital Advertising, specifically Facebook Advertising. Some want help driving sales, some simply want us to bolster brand awareness and increase engagement, all of which come with their own tailored ad strategy.

With all of our new clients, we initially have a conversation about their aims and expectations, before getting into the more hard-hitting questions, like what hasn’t worked so far and what aspects of your business are causing you issues. Although sometimes tricky to get into, it’s crucial information to know, for us to be able to create an effective, bespoke advertising strategy, that actually works.

For each and every one of our clients, the whole team gets on board to ensure that we’re providing an outstanding service every single time and all clearly understand our client’s overarching business objectives so we can hit the ground running. We want to take this time to welcome our new clients to the team and we’re excited to keep achieving them fantastic results as we make our way through 2021.

New Team Members

As the company has expanded, the team has too. We’re excited to announce that the team has now tripled to an impressive team of eight. The company has transformed itself over the past few years and has most recently appointed a new Senior Sales Consultant, Connor, and Ad Specialist, Seb. We’ve loved growing our team and our expertise over the last three months and we believe that our recent client wins, echos the passions of the team and the strength that we offer as an agency.

Operational Changes

This year we’ve invested a lot of time into developing our in-house company systems, to further add to the professional, seamless experience that we uphold. With this, we migrated from a manual communication process to the task management tool This has aided mutual productivity and transparency not only for the team but for our clients as well.

We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients so we have taken an active approach of shouting about our successes, and have bolstered our client testimonial pieces on our social media channels and will continue to do so over on our new Instagram account. With the solid team we have behind us, we confidently move into the next quarter with the main focus on client acquisition and the exciting new ambition to improve our design department by hiring a new graphic designer.

We're now the busiest we've ever been within the Affluent Agency and we're so excited to see where the rest of the years takes us. Keep an eye out for our next Q2 update!

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