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Fruitful Friday Client Results

This week we have another Fruitful Friday post to share; this time we spoke to our wonderful client Jess Collett, owner of ‘Jess Collett Milliner’, a luxury bespoke hat business.

Jess discussed with us her experience so far working with the Affluent Agency, something that initially she was extremely nervous about, due to the size of her business and lack of knowledge of Facebook Ads.

We’re pleased with the results we’ve achieved for her business so far, through our Facebook ad campaigns. With £4,369 spent and £31,295 returned, that is 7x Return On Ad Spend and we continue to grow her ROI month on month and really look forward to seeing where her business goes in 2021.

Here’s how our conversation with Jess went;

Q - Who are you and what’s your business?

My name is Jess Collett and I have a business selling bespoke and ready to wear hats and hair accessories.

Q - What stage was your business at before running Facebook ads?

Before FaceBook ads, my business was ticking along, but growing at a frustratingly slow rate for quite a few years.

Q - What were you expecting from the Affluent Agency Facebook ads service?

I was definitely skeptical because we had tried running our own FB ads without much success, and I thought that the products I was selling were too niche until the Affluent Agency proved me wrong.

Q - How did those expectations differ from the results?

It was the complete opposite! I had no idea how much reach Facebook ads could have. Beginning to run ads introduced me to a whole new audience of hat lovers worldwide that Jess Collett Milliner could never have even hoped to be put in front of otherwise. It’s also been very exciting to have found another successful revenue stream to sell hats through, the results have been amazing.

Q - What has it been like to work with the Affluent Agency?

Right from the start, I liked the guys at Affluent Agency, otherwise, I would have put the phone down on their 'sales call'.  They are enthusiastic, smart at what they do, nothing is ever too much trouble, and they seem to tinker away, and constantly come up with new ideas to achieve the results that we both want.

Q - What would you say to anyone skeptical about Facebook ads with the Affluent Agency?

If a product hits a sweet spot at the right time, the visibility and scalability Facebook ads can give you is nothing I'd ever experienced before. In terms of sales, I reached 7x ROAS and my customer database has increased substantially. For the money spent, that is a very positive return and I’d recommend anyone skeptical about running Facebook ads to give it a go!!

If you're looking to start running Facebook ads for your business and want to speak to someone from the Affluent Agency team, visit -

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