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Giving Away Equity Is Not A Bad Thing

As many of you saw me announce in my latest video, I added a new member into my agency.

His name is Joe Hides, isn’t he a handsome fella?

Now Joe isn’t like a contractor or just an employee.

Joe is my new Director Of Operations.

You see, with the launch of The Affluent Academy, I found myself ridiculously busy.

Between managing client work in my agency, helping students in The Affluent Academy, maintaining my physical and mental health, and trying to have a little bit of a social life…

It almost seemed like there were more things to do than there was time in the day.

Out of all of those tasks though, The Affluent Academy is my main priority.

So I had to figure out how I could shift more of my time over to that primary priority.

And that’s where Joe came into play.

I knew Joe from forever ago when I was first starting out with my personal brand…

He reached out to me and basically said my videos sucked and he actually happened to be really good at editing.

So we worked out a trade.

He would get access to The Social Media Marketing School in return for helping me out with some of my videos.

Fast forward to today, Joe is absolutely crushing it with his agency.

I noticed how meticulously detail orientated he was, which most definitely is something I am not.

Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head.

This is how I can focus more of my time on The Affluent Academy.

So Joe and I talked a bit, and what we worked out is something I’m totally psyched for.

Joe, as my new Director of Operations, is now going to be handling all of the service delivery side of my Agency, while I handle getting new clients.

Now when I made this decision I knew that the only way Joe was going to treat these clients as his own, was if they were.

So I gave him equity in my company.

I know most of you are probably like...

“Jordan why would you do that?!”

Well because it’s the same thing as if I ask you to watch my dog versus if I give you the dog and its yours.

You’ll care more if it’s yours.

I know Joe will be more motivated to get amazing results for my clients if he also owns a slice of the pie.

This is what I wanted to talk to you today about…

You shouldn’t be scared of giving up equity.

In fact I would highly recommend it.

Now obviously don’t go to the gas station and give it to the clerk…

Give it to people whose strengths are your weaknesses, and who are insanely talented.

If you want kickass results, this is definitely an amazing way to do it.

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