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How To Visualize Your Way To Success (The Right Way)

We’ve all heard it before, visualization is one of the keys to unlocking super success.

The most common resource people refer to on this matter is Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich. While I agree with what Mr. Hill has to say, it’s important to note that there’s a lot of information about him that is often swept under the rug.

Now, this article is not intended to be a critique of Napoleon Hill, but if you’d like to know what I’m talking about just google some of the scandals/true facts about him.

You’ll probably be shocked.

Basically every “guru” nowadays just regurgitates information from Think And Grow Rich in their own style, making it seem like they were the sole creator of this idea.

However, they all leave out one very important point…

I’d like to share this with you today, but first, let me show you how I discovered this main point.

Working in the corporate sales world at 23, I felt trapped in a box. Long days staring at a screen and always being reminded that if I didn’t meet my quota I would get the sack.

I will never forget sitting on my balcony one night, crying because I knew I had so much more potential in my life but I just had no idea what to do.

Calling one of my friends in a desperate attempt to find answers for what to do, I got some criticism that was much needed.

Basically, my friend told me to get my s*** together and stop looking at external things to blame and realize it is solely my responsibility to become successful, and solely my fault if it doesn’t happen.

At work the next day, I took a bathroom break that would change my life forever.

No, the #2 didn’t change my life...

I googled best books for self-improvement and visualization, and bought two of the dozen that I found.

They were Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, and Jim Newman’s Release Your Brakes!

Reading like a mad man every chance I got, I finished both the books within a few weeks.

It truly was Mr. Newman’s work that changed my mindset and gave me the keys to the castle, and I’m going to show you now how you can do the same.

So like I said earlier, most authors that talk about visualization and self talk pretty much say the same crap, stay positive.

They tell you to look in the mirror and repeat your affirmations to yourself every day.

“I am rich and successful, I am rich and successful, I am rich and successful.”

Now people normally do this for a few days, see no change in their mindset, and they quit.

This is because the author of whatever self-help book they read forgot to mention that main point I was talking about earlier.

You don’t just visualize yourself being rich and successful, hopping into a Lamborghini on your way to a business meeting in a jet...

You visualize how this would make you feel.

What are the emotions that would be flowing through your mind as the engine roars? Would you feel powerful? Happy? Grateful?

You visualize the event, and you do your best to really feel the emotions that this event would cause.

THAT is what creates the long-lasting change in your mindset and the way you behave.

Now obviously, you doing this once a day for a few weeks won’t bring those things into your life.

But try visualizing and feeling the emotions of super success for a few weeks and watch what happens to your mindset!

You’ll think more positively, you’ll look at things with an abundant frame of mind,  

You can do this with really anything you want to change.

Let’s say you have a bad habit of smoking cigarettes.

You’ve been wanting to quit for years, but always find yourself grabbing a quick smoke even when you don’t want to.

Visualize yourself being free from this habit of smoking cigarettes, how would you feel knowing that you quit something that you always struggled with?

That is the proper way to visualize your way to success.

Now if you’re wondering what affirmations to actually use, then go pick yourself up a copy of Release Your Brakes by Jim Newman.

You won’t regret it.


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