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2021 Lead Generation Strategies

Today we’re going to jump straight in and give you ways to get new customers for your business, for free. In the digitally connected world that we live in, full of free online platforms, there really is no excuse for you not to be generating leads for your business. However, this being said we’re not saying that generating leads is something you can do with your eyes closed. Even highly trained sales teams don’t dare to utter the statement “Finding clients is easy”.

As an agency owner, not only will you be navigating the online world of fierce competitors, false testimonials and huge corporations but you have to sieve through the mass of ‘online gurus’ claiming to hold the secret to 1000s of new leads every week. 

The truth is, that every business owner will have to tailor their sales strategy to suit the DNA of the customers they are trying to reach, often this will amount to trial and error to find the exact strategy that not only works for your industry but for you as an individual. Although before you start to get disheartened and unmotivated, one thing we can tell you for sure is that we are of a time where reaching your customers is easier than ever and with the correct knowledge and consistency, you absolutely will. 

So today we are going to run through a few of the ways that we, as an agency and online education provider have generated our leads;

First things first, you need to know your ideal customer inside out. You need to define your customer, who they are, what their interests are, how old they are, where they are there? Now time for the methods to reach them.

So, where to find them…

Start by utilising the place that people spend 145 minutes of the day using… Social Media. Social media is a great way to begin developing your lead list because so many individuals and businesses use them. We are fortunate enough to have free access to a huge data pool of potential customers, so start getting savvy. Not only can you use different channels like LinkedIn to scout for businesses that are advertising for help with the services that you provide, but actually have customers come to you because they’ve found your business on social media. Start creating content that appeals to your audience, follow and engage with your target audience and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. 

Another really great way to find clients is through freelance sites, like Upwork for example. Freelance sites are a place where a lot of businesses list tasks and jobs that they need filling. So this is a great place to find what we call ‘Hot Leads’ people. These are people that are already actively looking for the services that you provide. The huge benefit of this is that it makes your job of pitching much easier. Head over to Upwork, create an account and search for relevant keywords that apply to your service offering. 

Next up, we have forums such as Quora, Reddit or even Facebook groups. So start by heading over to google and search something that someone looking for your services would. Like “How to run ads for an eCommerce company Quora.” or “How to find a content creator for a kids clothing store Reddit.” and click into one of these forums. You can now answer this question and begin building yourself an authority in your industry by providing evergreen value on the platform for potential customers to see. The same goes for Facebook groups, use these as a place to comment and provide great free value and we can assure you that you’ll begin to have a slow stream of inbound leads from this. 

Finally, we want to touch on a less popular but very effective strategy, which is attending offline networking events. Typically we see a lot of people in the online business community suffering from a sense of heightened ego and pride about attending networking events in their area, but the reality is that they can be transformational in a lot of ways. They force you into an environment where you have to talk about your business and your experience and in our experience, you’ll not only find potential customers but increase your personal confidence and your ability to sell your service. 

Generating leads is single-handedly the most important part of owning your business, so it is crucial that you are spending your time doing it in a productive and effective way. Jordan Platten the Managing Director has run through all of these techniques and a few more in real-time for you to watch over on his Youtube channel. Check it out below, and don’t forget to share it with anyone in your network that might find it useful!

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