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Manifesting Your Desires 101

If there’s anything that the whirlwind that was 2020 has taught us, it’s that there’s significant power in positive thinking. Many of us have taken an emotional, financial and/or physical L over the past 18 months, so it comes as no surprise that In August 2020, Google reported a 500% increase in the number of people searching for the term ‘Manifesting’. Not to mention that the hashtag #manifesting has had 1.1 Billion views on TikTok.

Many people would say that manifesting is the latest internet wellness craze and they would be right but when we look back far enough we find that its true roots can be seen in ancient teachings.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

– Buddha

What Is Manifesting?

Firstly let’s start by saying it’s more complex than “If you think it, it’ll happen.” Manifesting in simple terms is the practice of using the natural laws of the universe to help turn the ‘unseen’ world (your aspirations, hope and dreams) into the ‘seen’ physical world (where we all live). It’s all about cultivating the experience of what it is that you want to feel — and then living and believing in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form.

Yes, I know what a lot of you might be thinking… “Change your thoughts, and you change your mind” what a load of utter spiel. You might be in a ton of debt, have struggles in your relationships, a job that you hate and now you’re reading some blog telling you that this can all be resolved if you just change your thoughts, yeah right!

But let me just say one thing, what have you really got to lose by giving it a try? So how do you implement manifesting into your everyday life? Firstly we need to understand that the universe is built up of energy and every bit of energy is made of frequencies and vibrations. Every time we think about something that we desire, that is a frequency that manifests itself as a feeling inside of us. By practising desire and gratitude every day, you will begin to put yourself on the vibrational frequency of everything you want in life and therefore begin attracting it.

So simply start by thinking of something that you want, this could be a house, more clients, happiness or even a new car. Think about the desire as if you already possess it and write down how it makes you feel.

Three Tips For Effective Manifestation

Don’t expect the universe to do all the work

If you desire to make 1 million dollars then don’t lie in bed all day, the universe can only send you so many signs and opportunities but it’s up to you to take them. It’s important that you take action and help the universe make it happen for you. Meet the universe halfway and start stacking the odds in your favour.

Be Clear and Concise

To get on the correct ‘vibration train’ if you will, you must be specific, avoid hesitation and don’t send mixed signals. When practising manifestation don’t just say “I want more clients,” say exactly how many you want, what industry they will be in, when you want them, how much they will pay and how it will make you feel.

Trust The Process

Like most things in this world, the act of manifesting doesn’t happen overnight. If you find yourself wondering when your dreams are going to fall into place, you’re already not trusting the process. By doing this you’re telling the universe to prove that it won’t happen. When you catch yourself doing this, because everyone does... remember to say “I’m getting closer to my goals every day, I wholeheartedly know that they will happen”

The Ultimate 7 Day Challenge

Now, if you’re someone that has never dabbled in manifestation then why not try this 7 Day Manifesting Challenge:

Day 1

Choose One Desire - make this clear and concise, think SMART goals for reference

Day 2

Visualisation - write down and picture three scenarios you will be in when you achieve your goal

Day 3

Affirmation - write down as many affirmations that relate to your particular goal and repeat them whenever possible throughout your day

Day 4

Physical Steps - write down the physical actions you need to take to achieve your goal

Day 5

Give Back - the saying “What Goes Around, Comes Around” couldn’t be more true, good Karma will raise your positive vibration  

Day 6

Practice Positive Self Talk - negative energy will warn off any chance of introducing positivity into your life, start by writing down five things you love about yourself

Day 7

Look For Opportunities - trust the universe is sending you signs and opportunities, grasp them with both hands

I hope that you've found this information positive and motivational, keep an eye on The Hub every week for new blog posts!

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