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Meet The Team Monday - Connor Williams, Senior Sales Consultant

This month on Meet The Team Monday, we’re joined by Connor Williams our Senior Sales Consultant at

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started working for 

I first came across when I was working in the sales department for another marketing agency and wanted to expand my knowledge of digital marketing and understand more about the process of starting an agency so I joined the Affluent Academy. After losing that job due to the pandemic I felt lost but grateful that by this point I had established my passion… helping people understand their full potential.

In what felt like a lifetime of free time I continued to invest in my personal development and then saw that was advertising for a Senior Sales Consultant and wanted to jump at the chance. After learning first hand the quality and integrity of the company, I knew that it would provide a place where I could continue to grow as a career-driven person, and be surrounded by people that believed that 'helping others succeed' was the ultimate goal.

Q. What is it about sales specifically that you enjoy so much?

Well, a lot of things, I come from a military background which gave me important traits like high work ethic, motivation and discipline but I found that the military wasn’t a place I was able to excel as an individual and grow my career. As much as I loved the comradery, I didn’t like the idea of my future being out of my control and I wanted to gain control back of my life. For me, sales forced me to really work hard if I wanted to reach the top, an incentive that motivates me each day. With a job in sales, if you strip any business down to the bare bones, the majority of the time it’s the sales systems that determine whether that business is a success or not and I like that challenge.

Q. What was your biggest business and personal achievement of last year?

About 10 months ago I had just been let go from my job, lost my opportunity to complete my degree as it was attached to my work and I was severely in debt. I’ve had many low points in my life but ultimately that has been some incredible resilience. I became 100% confident in myself and eventually cleared all of my 5 figures worth of debt and bought my first house. 

Q. What are you looking forward to within your career at

Since joining I’ve loved helping people start their own journeys and begin creating something better for themselves and that’s what drives me the most. I’ve loved being able to really connect with the people that reach out to us and can resonate fully with their situations, having been there myself. 

For now, I’m really enjoying just seeing so many people achieving their dreams and hitting some serious figures within their agencies and that is my main goal, but we are only just getting started with the Affluent Academy, we have so much more to come so it’s exciting times ahead.

Q. To round us off, what is your favourite quote?

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” - Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche

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