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Meet the Team Monday - Joe Hides, Head of Operations

As a growing company, within the marketing space, we believe that knowing the people behind the company is just as important as understanding the company itself; so we’d like to showcase the amazing people that drive the outstanding results that we achieve here at, starting with our Head of Operations, and ad mastermind, Joe Hides.

Q. So Joe, how did you come to be part of and what is your role within the company?

My journey with started after running a previous SMMA for a few years before being invited by Jordan Platten to combine our contrasting skill sets to begin scaling the multifaceted brand as you know it today, and I haven’t looked back since. My role as Head of Operations is to first and foremost help the businesses we work with achieve their revenue goals through paid advertising, with most of my time over the past year spent scaling ad accounts to huge profits, bolstering our client portfolio and high quality relationship management; with a more recent focus on developing our ever-growing ad specialists team, with our most recent addition, Tom Kieran our new Accounts Manager. Over the past year we’ve helped some incredible businesses triple their revenue and I couldn’t be more proud to represent in doing that.

Q. What so far has been your favourite experience since becoming part of

I think my favourite experience is simply seeing how fast we’ve grown as a company, this year we’ve doubled the revenue we generated for our clients and have began building an incredible in-house team, the progression we’ve seen has certainly shattered any personal doubts I may have had and I feel proud that our hard work really pays off. My favourite part of the week is seeing the whole team together on our Monday morning meetings and knowing that we are all passionate about reaching the same goal, to provide real value to business owners through innovating the digital marketing industry.

Q. What within your career has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Since beginning my professional career in marketing, like any person starting off, there has been a few learning curves from a skills point of view, but by far the biggest challenge for me initially was building up the ability to confidently speak to other business owners. I quickly noticed that sales calls were daunting for me and unfortunately not something that came naturally. I often found myself worrying about the results I was delivering, despite the huge ROI I was achieving. Over the years it’s become easier to communicate with prospects and clients, especially now I have years of proven results and know that I am improving my skills each day. I know this is something that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with, but chatting to people with confidence gets easier over time and there’s really no better way of getting used to it, other than diving in at the deep end and giving it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?

Something I’ve found challenging in a business sense whilst scaling the Affluent Agency, is finding the right people to work with, business owners that fall in line with the mantra, and share the same goals as we do - “In a world obsessed with likes and comments, we keep our focus on what matters the most - revenue.”. Whilst it’s amazing that we have new leads everyday it’s important to us that we work with businesses that we respect and whom respect us, so we developed a system that filters out the businesses that simply don’t meet our core brand values. It’s very refreshing to be surrounded by people who are just as ambitious as I am, and I think it’s crucial in aiding continuous motivation and growth.

Q. In your personal life what was a ‘pinch me’ moment in the last year?

Tricky one, there have been so many! I’d say the launch of LearnAds was a huge milestone for me personally, I’ve always aspired to build a business that truly caterers to all business owners and facilitates a world where anyone willing enough, can achieve success, and now Jordan and I have created the most comprehensive Facebook ads courses ever, to allow business owners to begin running their own ads, a skill that I’ve spent the last three years mastering.

Oh, and also I got to buy my dream car a few months ago after spending a month and half cliff diving with my girlfriend Zoe in some of the beautiful parts of France.

Q. And to finish off, what is your favourite positive quote?

“Those who think they can and those who think they can't are both usually right.” - Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Keep an eye out for more Meet the Team Monday blogs, where we uncover the power behind the brand.

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