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Meet The Team Monday - Seb Berariu, Ad Specialist

Behind every great Marketing Agency, there’s an even better team of enthusiastic, self-motivated and results-driven individuals. We of course want to shout about ours. So this week we caught up with another of our Ad Specialists, Seb Berariu.

Seb is our newest member, but ever since day one, he’s shown us a passion to consistently learn and grow and has an unmatched dedication to our clients’ results.

Q. How did you become part of the Affluent Agency?

I had been following Jordan and Affluent for a while when an email came through announcing the new Ads Specialist position. I hesitantly filled out the application (surely they’re not going to pick me, I thought) and almost gave up halfway. I’m so glad I didn’t, as only a couple of days later Joe messaged me inviting me for an interview. I first spoke to Tom and Joe, then with Jordan, and the rest is history.

Q. What is your role within the company?

Within days, I started in my new role as an Affluent Agency Ads Specialist. My responsibilities include managing our client’ ads campaigns, maintaining communication and providing strategic consulting in all things marketing (funnel and website optimisation, creative media and copywriting etc). Our team's dynamic is extremely collaborative albeit entirely remote.

Q. What has been the most exciting thing about working at

It has been just over 2 months since I joined, but it feels like years. In a good way! The amount of learning compressed in such a short amount of time is just incredible. I went from managing one client to almost 10 within weeks, and the range of industries and types of customers that we work with is just staggering. Ecommerce wise is hands down the best place to get exposed to a breadth of experiences, products and services in so many niches.

I am not one to shy away from a challenge, and this is an extremely rewarding one. Playing with thousands of £ of daily ad spend, juggling clients whilst also refining my digital marketing skills is exhilarating. To add to that, the delight of working with Tom, Joe and Jordan, I now have a solid reason to get up each morning well before the alarm goes off.

Q. What are you excited about for the next year in your personal life and in your career?

For me, the lockdowns have proven to be the perfect opportunity to get my head down. I have progressed immensely in my marketing career and have learnt more life and business lessons than I ever have before. My ambition is to push the boundary of what’s possible through digital marketing, and I feel like I’m now in the right company to allow me to do just that.

I am just grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to make such a huge impact financially for our clients. It feels refreshing to be part of a like-minded team and to share the same wild ambitions for growth. It goes without saying, I just can't wait to see where will be in a year’s time. Of course, alongside that, I’m personally looking forward to some slow travelling/digital nomadism, going to music festivals and catching up with social life.

Q. What’s your favourite famous positive quote?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. - Seneca, Roman philosopher

Thanks Seb! Keep an eye out for the next Meet The Team blog where we’ll be catching up with our Managing Director, Jordan.

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