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Social Media Scheduling Is Key

It’s no secret that social media has become the cornerstone of the 21st century. In the past 10 years, we’ve seen social media become an integral part of our lives and in turn an essential part of the success of many businesses. From creating company culture to running Facebook Ads, when done right social media marketing (SMM) becomes key to the success of businesses. Some even say that it’s the next generation of business engagement full stop. 

Sadly there’s no recipe or mathematical equation to brilliant social media marketing, a pinch of likes and a spoonful of evergreen content won’t mean that you’ve conquered the marketing tool overnight. But the up and coming scheduling tool, ContentCal is certainly a great place to start.

Similarly to all other marketing techniques, SMM needs a well-crafted strategy, measuring tools, scheduling and management. Using a scheduling tool like ContentCal makes staying active, organised and consistent on social media much easier.

So what is ContentCal?

ContentCal is a subscription-based tool that supports the management of social media channels, including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin with the option to add other channels if needed. Let me explain, scheduling by definition allows you to create content in advance by setting a date and time for it to automatically be uploaded to your chosen platform. ContentCal takes this a step further by automatically setting your social posts up to send at the time your audience is most engaged, based on the success of previous posts, clever right?

Over our many years in running a marketing agency, we have tried and tested many scheduling tools from the completely free to the very expensive and ContentCal is by far the most effective and extensive we’ve ever used. One of the main things that we loved was the emphasis on simple user experience, unlike other tools, ContentCal has created a layout that allows you to look at your scheduled post, in list, week or month view in a colourful and dynamic way.

Let’s talk about other pain points that managers of social media might have and how ContentCal solves them.

Not only does the tool provide you with one comprehensive place to schedule your finished posts but it allows you to store creative assets, like photos, graphics and videos called ‘The Pinboard and Content Hub’. We find that this feature stops the issue of multiple Google Drives and WhatsApp media galleries and instead streamlines that process by keeping everything in one place.

Another feature we’ve found invaluable is the seamless ‘Approval Workflow’. As a marketing agency we know that people make mistakes, content has typos, incorrect data or the wrong date, but on ContentCal all posts are created, vetted and approved by specific team members, whether that’s someone else in your company or one of your clients. This way posts can be created, sent for ‘approval’ and immediately scheduled for posting, eliminating the risk of errors.

If you’re a Social Media Manager or even just run your own channels, native posting can be tedious and time-consuming which often leads to rushed content and mistakes. This tool allows you to draft as many posts as you want in advance and then you can sit back and watch them go live. This is absolutely essential if you want to scale your agency or focus your efforts on other tasks within your business. 

If any of this resonates with you or you just want to simplify the time consuming but essential tasks of social media marketing, then I would encourage you to check them out, by clicking here.

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