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The Best SMMA Niches in 2021

Starting a social media marketing agency can be daunting and knowing where to start can be really difficult. Especially in a world where we have instant access to so many different industries and exposure to new brands every single day.

I’m going to make this part a little easier for you. When beginning an agency we would always suggest that you begin to tackle the market by picking three niches to focus your efforts on.

We always recommend this at the Affluent Academy, simply because the more ‘niche’ your agency is, the more specialist in that area you appear to prospective clients. Looking at your passions in everyday life is a nice place to start, because well, not having to fake it is always ideal.

So lets help you decide...

In last week's YouTube video, I broke down 5 different niches that are, even during the pandemic, still at an INSANELY HIGH DEMAND for SMMA.

BUT, please remember - the niche is not the secret!

What I mean by this is, picking a ‘popular’ niche will not be the key to a successful agency, consistent hard work and hitting sales targets will.

Check it out below!

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