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The Reason Why You're Failing As An Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you have the ambition but time and time again you fail at being successful?

You’ve had hundreds of business ideas and you’re bombarded with thousands of different business models that you’re interested in starting. Or even worse you’ve already started one of these, but you’re failing.

I’m going to tell you why…

The number one thing you need to change is where your time is being spent, shift your focus onto revenue-generating tasks, read that again, and process what that means. When you first start out in any business, the only way you’re going to get yourself off the ground is to focus on the things that are going to directly make you sales. Too many people spend 80% of their time building their image, making sure their social media looks immaculate and updating their email signatures, and this is precisely what’s stopping you from achieving.

Stop spending hours building a website, designing a logo, thinking about your company name, optimising your LinkedIn profile, joining Facebook groups, and watching ‘How To Get Rich’ videos, just pick up the phone and make contact with your potential customers, it’s a simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong brand building and image is important in this day and age, but image is irrelevant if you have no customers, so this can come later. In the beginning, start by focussing 80% of your efforts on driving sales and the other 20% on building your brand.

So you might be thinking ‘well it’s not that easy to start just calling customers’ or you might have a serious case of Impostor syndrome, so check out these two videos which give you a step-by-step guide to cold calling.

Cold Calling Techniques The Really Work & How To Write A Cold Calling Script

Start becoming obsessed with hitting your sales target and selling your product or service every single day and I guarantee you will find success.

Check out my full video on this below and leave a comment telling me which part resonated with you the most, good luck guys.

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