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What Deadwood In The Forest Can Teach You

There’s this silly idea that forest fires are bad, and we should do everything to prevent them.

They burn up the forest, and that can’t be good.



Without a decent size forest fire every now and then, dead wood or dry branches accumulate on the forest floor.

So with time, the amount of flammable material builds up and up and up.

And then one day…

Lightning strikes and starts a fire.

Because of the accumulation of deadwood on the forest floor, this fire burns so hot that it burns the topsoil right off.

So not only does most of the forest burn down, but now nothing else can grow there again.

You now basically just have a desert.

Most people don’t know this, they see something on the news about a forest fire and they panic.

They think, “we need to put that out immediately!”

But as you can now see, this is accepting a better today at the expense of a worse tomorrow.

Otherwise known as debt.

Debt doesn’t just have to be a financial obligation, it can take on many forms.

So a little bit of fire every now and then can prevent the entire forest from being destroyed and wiped out.

These little fires get rid of the built-up deadwood, it gets rid of the debt that the forest has accumulated.

You may be thinking how this is relevant to you…

Well I heard a quote once that I absolutely loved, “The wisest and noblest teacher is nature.”

There are so many patterns in nature that transfer over to our lives as humans.

Just like how clothes pile up in your room, or dust builds up around the house.

Isn’t it better to do a little bit of cleaning every now and then, rather than one huge cleaning session that takes hours every few months?

Same thing as financial debt.

Isn’t it better to pay off a little bit each month rather than let the interest accumulate?

Think of your negative traits (AKA the things you know you should be doing but you don’t) as branches on the forest floor or a large debt in your bank account.

You have to constantly be working on burning off this deadwood.

I promise you if you work on your mindset, and who you are as a human being, just a little bit every day…

You’ll look be looking in the mirror in 2021 and won’t even recognize the person in front of you!

In a good way, of course, it’s not like one of those horror movies where you suddenly see a monster in the mirror.

So how do you find this deadwood?

It’s pretty simple, take a seat on the edge of your bed or a comfy chair, and grab a pen and a notepad.

Visualize who you want to be. Who is this person? What do they do in their day to day life? What are their habits? What are their characteristics?

Write this down.

Now, who are you right now? What’s your routine like? What are your habits like? What are your traits?

And this is where most people fall short because they can’t be brutally honest with themselves.

They can’t accept that they are very far from their ideal self.

But don’t worry about this, just write it down.

Who you are doesn’t matter, all that matters is who are you becoming.

Now you can see the things you are doing that you shouldn’t be…

Or the things you should be doing, that you don't…

Burn this deadwood.

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