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Why Is Quality Sleep Essential For Every Entrepreneur?

At one point or another, you must have come across the importance of getting enough rest either on the internet, TV, or any other platform.

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of how a good night’s sleep has lots of advantages - like how it helps lower stress, improves memory, sharpen attention, spur creativity, and boost performance and productivity.  

You might also be thinking, all these are great but aren’t they a little contradictory?

In one breath, experts are advocating for quality sleep and in the next, emphasising the importance of being hardworking and putting in the hours - which involves burning the midnight candle.

However, we need to reiterate that many entrepreneurs’ gung-ho work-all-night culture isn’t something we should encourage.

If getting by with less sleep is your preferred route, you may be working more hours … but not necessarily smarter.

While some business owners choose to work late, others may be kept awake by several innovative ideas or worries about their business.

Seeing how quality sleep boosts creativity and lessens the stress of entrepreneurship, we bring you 3 sleeping aids that will help you rest better at night.

Before we proceed, we need to discuss the “ideal number of hours” of sleep your body needs to feel refreshed and alert.

How Much Sleep Does An Adult Really Need?

There is no fixed consensus regarding the ideal sleeping hours needed by healthy adults, as sleep requirements differ from person to person.

However, going by the data from several studies and the guideline from the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs between 7– 9 hours of sleep per day.

Research carried out by a Harvard Professor, Dr. Charles Czeisler showed that if you sleep less than the required number of hours, and this pattern doesn’t change for several nights - there’s every chance your thinking-speed, memory, and attention span function will be similar to a legally intoxicated person.

Top 3 Sleeping Aids That Will Help You Get Quality Rest

  1. Track your sleep-wake pattern using the Oura ring

Oura Ring is one of my personal favourites and one of the more wearable health trackers that gives you data about your sleep quality using the heart-rate monitoring technology.

The device is a light, titanium wedding-band-like ring you wear on your middle, index, or ring finger.

It tracks your 3 main sleep stages (light, deep & REM sleep) and transmits the sleep score via Bluetooth to a companion app on your smartphone.

Other useful details you can find on the Oura app are the time it takes for you to go from wide awake to fast asleep, time of restlessness as well as total sleeping hours.

With this data - you can use it yourself or with  a sleep therapist -  you can work on and monitor your sleep progress.

Oura ring may not be 100% perfect, but a 2017 research result showed that the device has a 96% accuracy in detecting sleep.

  1. Block out annoying noise with the White noise box

If the sound of barking dogs, traffic, and sirens causes you a poor night sleep, why not block out that noise with a white noise machine? A White noise machine works in the same way mobile apps like Calm do.

With its soft, relaxing, and repetitive sound, the device drowns most noise and makes you sleep faster and more soundly. You may be wondering if the “sleep well” claim is more of a marketing gimmick. Rest assured, it isn’t.

In one of its 2016 quarterly edition, The Journal of Caring Sciences (JCS) published a study where white noise boxes increased people’s sleeping hours from 4.75 – 7.08 hours just after 3 days.

  1. Fall asleep faster using Red Light Therapy

An experiment performed on 20 female basketball players in China confirmed what doctors have been saying about the effectiveness of red light as a sleep therapy.

The colour “red” signals night, which encourages the body to start producing melatonin – a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

If you want to give this therapy a try and you want smart red lighting that comes with the best intensities in the market - don’t hesitate to get Philips Hue bulbs.

This tech giant also makes it possible for you to control the brightness of your bulb with your iPhone.

To summarise, of course running a business is never going to be the typical 9-5 routine, and with what feels like a never-ending to do list, sleep can fall to the bottom of your priority list.

Hopefully with my top tips on how to improve sleep quality paired with some knowledge on why I believe it’s so important, you can use this to revamp your sleeping pattern to allow you to cease every opportunity to make your business flourish.

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