Our Business' Aspiration

About Us ...

Affluent.co was built on the foundations for a world where all e-com brands achieve maximum results through outstanding paid digital advertising. An agency that puts its clients first and takes pride in building meaningful life-long relationships.

Despite starting our marketing careers separately, in 2019 after mastering local business marketing, and thousands of hours fine-tuning our strategies, a merger was made between two agencies. It became apparent there was a huge delivery gap in the online e-commerce space, so we began work on a solution to bridge it.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve helped countless brands scale to 6 & 7-figure months. Using prescriptive analysis, we establish our clients lowest-hanging-fruit and focus entirely on the path of least resistance.

See, whilst most other agencies create more chaos, we understand that the secret to scaling is not further service-stacking or complexion. It’s simply the understanding of data showing what is working already, and focusing our efforts there.

Joe Hides, Operations Director (left), Jordan Platten, Managing Director (right)